My Experience.

Moving through College, I am now currently in my second year, studying Journalism, at City, University of London and through my time, I have honed my Journalistic and technical abilities.

Throughout the course, I have thoroughly developed my knowledge in the use of softwares, such as Adobe Premier Pro, Lightroom, Audio Audition and Davinci Resolve. 

You can find some of my work within the 'About' section. 

Towards the end of Secondary and moving into College I found myself venturing towards film production and studying films. As weird as it may sound I had started writing within my spare time, practicing what I was capable of at the time.

My work experience has broadened itself overtime. I have a total of 3 years of strong involvement within the hospitality industry. It has built up my character but also constructed my confidence which I have effectively used in the Journalism Industry for pitching ideas and presenting in broadcast. 

I have also found other passions that I have ventured towards throughout this course such as photography. 

You can find some of these images on my Photography page. 

It first sparked when my secondary school had taken me towards one of the Guardians facilities for a trip. Ever since that moment I have been motivated and determined to become a Journalist.

"First and foremost, concentrate on your strengths. Put yourself where your strengths can produce results.”

Peter F. Drucker 

On Managing Yourself (2011)

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